Silver Ring Collection For Women

Get Your Shine On: The Silver Ring Collection For Women At Myrie

While life may not be a series of silver linings, your ring collection can definitely be just that. Especially when you have such a wide range of them to choose from at Myrie. 

Far from typical, you get to pick from modern silver ring designs that work with any outfit or occasion. From minimalistic pieces to bold statements, whatever your taste in jewellery, we’ve got you covered. 

The silver lining doesn’t end there. While silver usually comes with an equally flashy price tag, you won’t have to worry about your wallet with our high quality rhodium plated imitation silver. 

In fact, there’s a whole bunch of reasons why you should think of Myrie when you think of buying a silver ring. Let’s get into them real quick. 

Thinking Silver? Think Myrie:

Rhodium plated - Rhodium is just like silver but better. It’s whiter and has a more distinct shine because it’s more reflective. The perfect substitute for silver, we use a high quality rhodium to plate our silver imitation jewellery, making them safe for all skin types. 

A wide range of modern designs - Switch up your look everyday or for any occasion, with a new design from our endless ring collection. Moreover, you won’t run into one of your run-off-the-mills designs here. We’re committed to pushing the boundary on jewellery design and getting you as many compliments as possible. 

Made with the finest quality materials - We use a brass alloy to make our rings because it’s strong, tenacious yet easy to craft with. Which is how we manage to get our ethereal designs that are built to last . Moreover we only use AAA+ quality stones, which is the highest grade of cubic zirconia stones a.k.a American diamonds, on your jewellery. Because, who doesn't love a little extra sparkle?

Tarnish-free - Our rings are anti-tarnish e-coated to prevent tarnishing and suitable for all skin types. This means a long-lasting sheen on your jewellery and absolutely no skin irritation or allergies. 

Diversity in sizing - Struggling to find the right ring size is something you can leave behind when you shop with us. All our designs are available in multiple ring sizes, so you’re sure to find your perfect match. If you’re unsure of what your ring size is, here’s a trusty guide that could help: <link to the Ring Size Guide blog>.

Hassle-free purchase - No more waiting in long queues at the cash register or struggling to get the salesperson to show you exactly what you want. Get quality jewellery home delivered to you with just the click of a button.

Some Of Our Standout Silver Rings
That Match Your Shine 

The Alvis Ring: 

Sometimes, beauty is in the little things. This minimalist statement is for those with elegant tastes who want something a little unique. With a modern chain link design, this rhodium plated ring is the perfect finishing touch to any everyday look. 

Shop it here!

The Monarch Butterfly:

Like its name suggests, this ring is fit for royalty. This regal design features silver curls that mimic the wings of a butterfly, complete with a stunning American diamond right in the centre. An ode to the beauty of nature, this ring is sure to set your heart aflutter. 

Shop it here!

The Raven Ring:

This easy-going ring is a staple designed to go with any outfit. Featuring a modern, minimalist design of what looks like a band of silver flames, this chic ring is sure to dress up even the most casual of looks (and get you some compliments too!).

Shop it here!

The Eternity Ring:

This silver band, encrusted with American diamonds of all shapes and sizes all around it, is just the right balance of sophistication and bling. The missing piece to most outfits, this one is a go-to if what you’re looking for is a little bit of (read a lot) of sparkle. 

Shop it here!

The Women’s Myrie Ring:

A tribute to our oh-so-elegant logo, this graceful design, complete with AAA+ quality baguette American diamonds, is just what you’re looking for, if what you’re looking for is a touch of elegance. 

Shop it here!

We hope you like what you’ve seen so far. There’s more where that came from. Check out our complete collection of silver rings for women here. And feel free to reach out to us with any queries or concerns here

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