Your Trusty Guide to Finding the Right Ring Size

Your Trusty Guide to Finding the Right Ring Size

From elevating your entire outfit to representing a lifelong bond with that special someone, rings are so much more than a circular piece of jewellery. Which is why it’s important to find yourself (or the lady in your life) a ring that fits perfectly. Lucky for you, we’ve come up with a guide to help you do just that. 

How To Measure Womens’ Ring Sizes

(A) If you already have a ring that fits:

You’re in luck! This is the easiest way to determine your ring size. If you’re going to buy jewellery from a store, all you have to do is take the ring with you and the jeweller will show you rings that match the size. But if you’re shopping online, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Find an old ring that fits you   perfectly.
  2. Get a standard ruler and place your ring above the markings and measure the inner diameter of your existing ring and find the closest match. 
  3. And there you have it. That’s your ring size.

(B)  If you don’t have a ring that fits:

  1. Take a piece of string, floss or thin strip of paper.
  2. Wrap it around your finger, where you want the ring to be.
  3. Mark the starting and ending point on the string and measure the length with a ruler.
  4. Use the same Ring Size chart above to identify your size based on your measurement. 

Things To Remember Before Finalizing Ring Size

  1. Measure your finger at normal body temperature. The cold may shrink your finger. 
  2. If you find your measurement between two sizes on the ring chart, always go for the larger size. 
  3. If your knuckles are wider than the base of your finger, measure at both points and pick a size in between the two. 
  4. If you’re going for a ring with a wider shank, go for a slightly bigger size as they tend to fit more snugly. 

Frequently Asked Question About Ring Size 

What is the average ring size for women?

The ring size of the average Indian woman is between 5 and 9

Does ring size change as a person ages? 

Yes! Ring sizes are subject to change not only as a person ages, but due to other factors like weather, altitude, weight fluctuations, humidity and other such factors too. Which is why it’s important to be mindful of this while purchasing a ring.

What if my actual ring is loose or tight? 

 The good thing about rings is that they’re a versatile piece of jewellery. Minor changes can be made to make it fit better. But it is easier to work on a ring that is looser than one that is tighter. Beads can be added to make it more snug, metal can be removed to make it smaller and so on. Therefore, if you’re stuck in between two ring sizes, always pick the larger one. 

Should I order one size bigger? 

While it is safer to order a larger ring, that comes with its own setbacks. You don’t want a ring that will easily slip off your finger. So, while picking a ring, try and pick one closest to your actual size. If that happens to be between two sizes, pick the larger one. But if you find your exact size, you might as well pick it instead of a size larger. 

Now that you know how to find your perfect ring size, it’s time to find the perfect ring. And what better place is there to do that than Myrie. Not only will you be able to select from a wide range of gorgeous rings, you’ll also have us to guide you through the entire process, from finding the right ring size to picking a ring you’re truly satisfied with. And if you’re not 100% happy with the quality of your ring once it arrives, you’re eligible for a full refund on the item once you return it. Because unless you absolutely love your new piece of jewellery, we haven't done our jobs right. 

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